I’m Not Lion… People Are Idiots

If you plan a trip to an African Safari, there are a few rules: don’t wear white socks with sandals, bring plenty of water, and never try to pet the man-eating lions.

A tourist has demonstrated why touching a wild lion on safari is a bad thing so you don’t have to. The questionable decision was made in South Africa by an un-identified holiday-maker who stuck his arm out of a jeep to stroke the big cat. Problem is, this cat definitely didn’t like it.

The pride of lions seemed to be using the jeep’s shadow to avoid the baking sun, when the man decides to disturbs the leader’s slumber. As the lion turns around, the rest of the party plead for him to shut the window, but it gets jammed.

South African safari ranger Naas Smit said: ‘Only those who work in the wild know the speed of a lion and it could have torn the arm off the person touching it.

Truth be told, I was really hoping the lion would have torn the man’s arm clean off.

14 thoughts on “I’m Not Lion… People Are Idiots

  1. I helped a lion once in a zoo. He had a bunch of birds that made their home in his mane, which made him unable to sleep due to the constant chirping.

    I sprinkled some yeast in his mane, and the birds immediately flew away. It just goes to prove that yeast is yeast, nest is nest, and never the mane shall tweet.


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