Summer Slam

Kyle (Left) Going To Work During A Faceoff
My oldest son Kyle is approaching his senior year in high school. As such, it’s time we started getting serious about college; both where he would like to go, and where would he like to play lacrosse. Despite the fact I played in college and coached for two decades, I haven’t been keeping current on what prospects do to get noticed by schools.

Apparently, it’s playing summer ball with club teams. I probably should have known that.

We still keep in touch with Kyle’s coach from freshman year, and he told us about the South Jersey Saints. The Saints are an up and coming lacrosse club which attracts very good players, and even better coaches. Kyle made the team in January, and this weekend was their first tournament; the Victory Summer Slam in West Chester, PA.

Kyle plays midfield, focusing on faceoffs. During his high school career, he was a win rate of 45% – which is okay – but considering his high school team hasn’t been winning, the percentage is above average. This weekend, he had a chance to stack up against players from New York, Ohio, Connecticut, Michigan, and Maryland…

Saturday’s games were the toughest of the two days. True Ohio is a powerhouse, and spanked the Saints by a score of 10-2. Kyle, for his part, played the best defense I have ever seen him play, and none of the opponents he was covering scored. Ohio went on to win the Saints’ group, and finished second overall.

Bucks (PA) Select was the second opponent, and sadly, it was nearly the same outcome. The Saints lost, 8-2, but again, Kyle’s defense stood out. None of his covers scored, he made some beautiful stick checks, and applied constant pressure.

Sunday was a different story. The Saints destroyed Holo Celtics by a score of 9-1. Kyle won all his faceoffs, played exceptional defense, and even fired a few shots. It was a nice win, which helped them through the final game.

Rhino’s Lacrosse is from Philly, and four of Kyle’s high school teammates play for them. Before the game, Kyle was giving his a teammates a heads up on how each of them play, and the advice paid off. The Saints won 4-0, Kyle was 50% on faceoffs, and played stellar defense once again. Plus, there was the bonus of bragging rights.

I feel like I failed Kyle by not getting him into a summer league before now. Maybe he would already be receiving offers to play in college if I had. I do know there are two more tournaments ahead, and the way he’s playing, I think he’ll get some serious looks by scouts. Time will tell.

As for the Saints organization; I cannot praise them enough. I can literally see the improvement in Kyle’s game. From Philadelphia, it takes between 45 minutes to an hour to get to practices. The experience is worth every second.

4 thoughts on “Summer Slam

  1. Awesome! Tell him to play for the University of Denver, I have a cousin with a son who is hopefully going to play there. I think I sent you a link about him awhile back. DU has a great lacrosse program I’ve heard.


  2. Jim – Fighting through either 73 or 295. Hooray! 🙂

    Ronni – We just got Wednesday’s schedule. There’s a tourney Wednesday and Thursday. No rest for the weary.

    RG – They’re a premiere DI program, and Kyle knows his limitations. He’s not good enough – or big enough – for DI. He can play DII or DIII though.


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