If It’s Not Scottish…

The mother of a rebellious Scottish teenager forced the lad to mow the lawn, and unsurprisingly, the lad made matters a little more hairy.

A CHEEKY Scots lad left his mum raging after shaving a giant WILLY in their front garden after being asked to cut the grass.

Prankster Christopher MacNeil, 17, cut the rude shape into the front lawn of their home on the Isle of Barra, the Outer Hebrides. His embarrassed mum Christina posted a snap of his handiwork online and fumed: “When you nag your teenage son to cut the grass.”

Wow, what a dick. Groundskeeper Willie would be ashamed.

5 thoughts on “If It’s Not Scottish…

  1. TXNick – Or Cutty.

    Mike – I heard he started mowing when the cock crowed.

    Ronni – I’m fairly certain she made him rectify that situation immediately after the photo was taken.

    Cathy – Entirely too hard to mow perfect half circles.


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