Next Time, Take The A Train

A New York City man received multiple staples in his scalp after he was attacked by a woman… with a high heel shoe.

A woman stabbed a stranger on the head with her high heel shoe when a squabble on a subway car turned violent.

The straphangers were on a Queens-bound F train at the Delancey Street station around 4:55 a.m. when the fight broke out. The furious woman ripped off her shoe and stabbed the heel into the left side of the 26-year-old man’s scalp.

We must ban assault heels! Witnesses claim the woman fled toward the Williamsburg Bridge where she reportedly stabbed a buttress.

6 thoughts on “Next Time, Take The A Train

  1. When assault shoe are outlawed, only outlaws will have shoes. The liberals will keep passing “commonsense” assault shoe laws until only flip-flops are legal. And then the purchase of them will require a permit and a ten day waiting period.


  2. Ronni – “Looks like the woman brought him to heel.”

    TXNick – Cuomo is already writing up legislation… in crayon.

    Mike47 – I haven’t used it since high school.


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