The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rolla

In case you haven’t noticed – and judging by the MSM’s embargo, you probably haven’t – the people of Iran are continuing their protests of their Islamo-fascist regime.

Today is the third day of protests and unrest in Tehran in six years, as the Grand Bazaar closed and demonstrators made their way from there to the parliament building to express their discontent with their government.

As the protest began, Iranians called out to shopkeepers who wouldn’t close, “Coward!” Thousands of people marched and chanted in the streets of the capital, and the regime sent riot police to beat and tear-gas them into submission. It didn’t work. Large groups of protesters rushed at the police, forcing them to flee, and torched many of the motorcycles they left behind. The government set aside four stadiums and six parks as places of legal protest, but demonstrators are not interested in following the rules of a repressive regime.

Like the Mashhad uprising, this one in Tehran — and my sources tell me similar ones are taking place today in Shiraz, Qeshm, Kermanshah, and Mashhad — began over economic concerns and almost immediately turned political, as Iranians recognize a corrupt theocracy has no concern for the citizens who keep it fed.

The last time the Iranians took to the streets, the previous “president” sat back and did nothing. Hopefully, President Trump will extend his support to the oppressed citizens of that despicable country. It may be just the push needed to force some changes in the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism.

4 thoughts on “The Ayatollah Of Rock And Rolla

  1. Considering this chaos and murder has gone since Nov of 1979, it would be a miracle if we could end this nightmare for the Iranian people and make the world a safer place for all.

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  2. Unless his support includes B2 bombers, it won’t really help until somebody puts down the Revolutionary Guard.


  3. Ronni – And the leftists would lose their damned minds.

    TXNick – That sounds like a veiled threat.

    Ingineer – I’d like to hope the people would rise up, but that’s a huge leap.


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