A Not-So-Cavalier Attitude

Kyle (black helmet) going to work at Cabrini University’s Prospect Camp.

This has been a very hectic week. Kyle’s summer lacrosse team spent last weekend at the Victory Summer Slam Tournament, then Wednesday and Thursday at Adrenaline’s Summer Invitational Tournament. Nine total games in four days, plus lacrosse practice on Monday.

A few days ago, Kyle also received an invitation to a prospect camp at Cabrini University. Cabrini is a local Division III school, and their lacrosse program is ridiculously good. It was an opportunity Kyle definitely wanted to attend.

The camp was yesterday, from 8am-2pm. It included position-specific training, college drills, a showcase scrimmage, lunch, and a tour of the university. The facilities were amazing – Kyle got a kick out of getting dressed in the fantastic locker room – and the competition was intense.

Kyle received two long sessions of faceoff work, and did very well for himself. He added an assist in the scrimmage, a few good shots, and enjoyed the distinction of getting a lacrosse shaft broken over his upper arm. It was a check gone awry, and the blood on his sleeve should come out. We think.

It was a nice experience with a top-notch college program. I don’t know if we’ll hear back from Cabrini, but he learned a lot today. And, since his club team isn’t practicing next week for the holiday, I can rest and keep some mileage off the car. I am starting to think lacrosse parents are like beauty pageant parents.

P.S. – It’s been a good week for colleges. He received looks from Cabrini, Johnson & Wales University – Denver, San Diego State, and the University of Dallas.

4 thoughts on “A Not-So-Cavalier Attitude

  1. This is going to sound kinda gross, but a quilting site I used to belong to recommended people use their own spit to get blood out of their clothing. My ex-mother in law tried it & claimed it worked.


  2. MelP – We decided to soak the shirt in detergent, instead. Besides, I had no spit after this, because it was 92 degrees and very high humidity.


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