Leftists Fight Police Outside ICE Building

A gaggle of filthy leftist animals attacked police officers after being told they had to disburse from their encampment outside Philadelphia’s ICE building.

Protesters have been outside the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement office on 8th and Cherry Streets in Center City nonstop since Monday afternoon.

Protesters wouldn’t budge and began locking arms in front of the doors to continue the effort of stopping any agency vehicles from transporting undocumented immigrants. After three warnings, police began making arrests, and as one was being made a chaotic clash with police happened.

Police say there were around 75 protesters blocking the entrance to the ICE building, while refusing to allow anyone to enter or leave. Police say after several warnings, 29 arrests were made. They were issued failure to disperse citations and quickly released. Two people sustained minor scrapes and bruises during the arrests, as one was taken to the hospital.

Events like these are literally a win-win. We earn some much needed stick time on these savages, and the optics almost ensure a political win for conservatives. This is how you got Trump.

6 thoughts on “Leftists Fight Police Outside ICE Building

  1. Cathy – If not, they’ll be replaced by smelly kiosks.

    TXNick – That’s what Kyle’s taking in college!

    Ingineer – It’s bliss. Truly.

    Ronni – The best part will be the tone-deafness of the lot when they ask why they lost seats.


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