Florida Politician Acts Like A Richard

Meet Richard Salamon of Sunrise, Florida.

Salamon is the Sunrise City Manager, and as such, he expects some perks due to his lofty position. In this case, Richard insists his cake coupons never expire.

Sunrise City Manager Richard Salamon had a fit when a local baker refused to honor his coupon for a free cake, and now the $3.99 deal could cost him his $204,000-a-year job.

City commissioners are discussing Salamon’s future after he got nasty when told his coupon for the free mini Bundt at Nothing Bundt Cakes had expired, the co-owner said.

Dannie Augustin told commissioners Tuesday night that Salamon came into the Sunrise bakery a few weeks ago and asked her employee to “break the rules” and honor the coupon.

Throwing away a do-nothing job and a six-figure salary for a $3.99 cake. This my friends, is peak Florida.

7 thoughts on “Florida Politician Acts Like A Richard

  1. Yes, he really looks like he needs to indulge in another mini bundt cake. He needs to take whatever money he has left from his job and purchase some brains cuz what he has is not cutting it!


  2. I briefly lived in Florida in the 90’s, and most of the idiots I observed there had out of state car tags. I think most of them came down to escape the high taxes in NY, NJ, MD, and Canada, then proceeded to elect the same type of politicians that ruined they home state (country).

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  3. Ronni – I mean, it’s four dollars. You really can’t spend that amount of dough on a $200k salary? Clown.

    Cathy – he should be jettisoned from the state… by trebuchet.

    TXNick – Californians are doing the same to Arizona. Bringing their garbage policies to a great, conservative state.


  4. Wyatt/TXNick – It’s the same thing that many illegals want to do as well.

    And for the record there are some great people here in Florida (present company excluded). For example our Sheriff, Grady Judd, is beloved for many things including his response when asked why a cop killer was shot 68 times said, “because that’s all the bullets we had.”

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  5. A) I love it when karma bites a “you don’t know who I am” type right in the ass.

    B) Californians are moving to more than AZ and trying to turn it into CA. They are doing it in all the western states. I am on the Make California Great Again movement and in a generation or two, CA will be redder than Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Texas.


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