Playboy Playmate Gets Screwed

Meet Shera Bechard. Shera is a canuck from the Great White North who makes a living showing strangers her pink parts. Shere’s in the news because she’s suing a GOP money man after their sexual non-disclosure agreement was violated by Shera’s lawyer.

Hard to believe a skin peddler would also be a gold digger, amirite?

A former Playboy centerfold model has sued a prominent Republican fundraiser, her former lawyer and the lawyer for former adult-film star Stephanie Clifford in connection with the breakdown of a $1.6 million hush-money agreement.

Mark Levin makes a point of noting this, but it bears repeating: non-disclosure agreements are legal documents, agreed upon by the parties involved. The media loves the phrase “hush money,” which is more akin to some clown paying cash to another clown on the street. There is a difference between hush money and NDAs. It’s high time the media learn the difference.

At issue in the lawsuit filed under seal by Shera Bechard in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Elliott Broidy, a Los Angeles-based GOP fundraiser and venture capitalist, is their agreement from late last year to not disclose their affair. The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Mr. Broidy said he would cease paying Ms. Bechard the agreed-upon hush money because her former attorney, Keith Davidson, allegedly disclosed information about the affair.

Mr. Broidy has accused Mr. Davidson of breaching the nondisclosure agreement by giving information about it to Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for Ms. Clifford, who is known professionally as Stormy Daniels.

Now obviously, Bechard is a woman of questionable character, but let’s not pretend she did not understand the rules and restrictions of the NDA. If she wants to recoup her money – good luck with that, by the way – she should focus her aim directly at her scumbag former lawyer.


7 thoughts on “Playboy Playmate Gets Screwed

  1. When dealing with a person like Ms. Bechard the agreement needs to be in crayon because she is too effing stupid. Can’t say much about Mr. Broidy’s IQ or lack of.


  2. TXNick – She’ll probably be counter sued, which is rude.

    Cathy – I’m guessing “lack of” is appropriate here.

    Ingineer – He only occasionally lispers in the dark.


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