Caption Contest Winners

The Kenya Believe I Was President? Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. “Hey kid! I have lots of candy in my room!” – William
4. “5 Bucks kid, this other kid gave me 3 bucks but he’s smaller than you….but for 5 bucks you get a primo spot in the Other Donor category in my new book……’Donors to the Obama Library’ available soon on my website for only $19.95(US) plus shipping and handling!” – Dalek
3. Man behind Obama “That is a fine looking ass. Wonder why Moochel don’t want it?” – Cathy
2. “Uh uh Mister. I don’t care who you say you are, I’m not pulling your finger.” – Jim

WINNER! – The village finally has its idiot back. – Toothy

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