Blue Monday Tuesday?

Democrat candidates are outpacing Republicans in fundraising for the upcoming midterm elections, a sign which could mean the “Blue Wave” is real.

Democrats are hoping a blue wave of support will carry them to victory in this fall’s elections. In the meantime, they’ve caught a green wave of cash—the torrent of money pouring into Democratic campaign coffers helped 73 House candidates outraise Republican incumbents and opponents in races for open seats in the second quarter, analysis of Federal Election Commission data shows. The more candidates the Democrats can field with the means to run competitive races, the larger the potential blue wave could be, if, as most experts anticipate, a motivated anti-Trump electorate shows up to vote in November. Democrats need to pick up 23 seats to retake control of the House.

The surge of Democrats who raised more money than their GOP opponents last quarter is testimony not only to widespread antipathy to Trump among liberals and many independents, but also to the fundraising acumen of the party committee and many of the new grass-roots groups that sprang up in the wake of Trump’s victory.

Mark Levin mentions this often as a reminder to lax conservatives. If the Democrats retake the House – which is possible – they will immediately begin impeachment proceedings against the president. Do you trust the Republican-held Senate – a body containing people like McCain, Flake, Collins, and Murkowski – to acquit? I sure don’t.

It’s high time we started getting serious about the midterms.

4 thoughts on “Blue Monday Tuesday?

  1. Trump has some strong headwinds ahead. With the Koch brothers openly against him along with the “never Trumpers” they are really harming the midterms. Makes me wonder if they are simply “RINO”s along with McCain, etc. I am hoping the true conservatives show up on election day! It is obvious that the GOP is missing the Koch money along with others.


  2. Ronni – The Kochs are free agents. They regularly give to both parties, so while I’ll miss their donations, I don’t think we should be kowtowing to their demands. The problem is the GOP establishment and the NeverTrump douchebags. They’ll stay home – or worse, vote for the Dems – and we’re toast.


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