Tongs For The Business

Meet David Garcia-Gonzalez of Austin, Texas. David enjoys his cervezas, and a hard night of bending elbows makes a man hungry. So David went to the best burger place he could find, and well, read on…

After reviewing surveillance video, authorities say 44-year-old David Garcia-Gonzalez, who had difficulty maintaining balance while walking, approached a Whataburger at 2305 Burleson Road.

After loitering in the business for a while, he reportedly grabbed a pair of metal tongs and walked up to an employee who had opened the register.

The suspect approached her from behind and started jabbing her with the tongs while repeatedly demanding money.

If David had any sense, he would have used the tongs to pinch the cashier’s boobs and butt. At least that would have caught her attention. This story has a sad ending, however; not only was David arrested, but he didn’t even have the opportunity to enjoy Whataburger’s delicious fare.

12 thoughts on “Tongs For The Business

  1. Given the number of times police have been refused service at Whataburger franchises, I am surprised the perp was arrested. Just proves the professionalism of the local police. Thank you.

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    1. There have been several instances, but I believe the people who did the refusing were terminated. The bad publicity pretty much insured the terminations. Since each franchise is individually owned, I still stop in for one of the best burgers on the road. Whataburger beats the heck out of McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. Plus, you can get a burger there 24/7. Their kitchens do not dictate what your stomach wants based upon some clock.


      1. Fair enough. I’ll make my decision when we get there, I guess. Coach wants him for two days, but we’re going for four so we don’t have to rush from place to place. Kyle is just upset he can’t see a Dallas Stars preseason game. 🙂


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