Viva l’Italia!

An Italian supply ship rescued more than a hundred migrants from the Mediterranean, only to transport them back to Libya. Perhaps there is hope for Italy after all.

The UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) has already announced the opening of an enquiry following Monday’s events, which saw an Italian registered supply ship rescue 108 migrants from a vessel in distress, delivering all aboard to Tripoli on the instruction of the Libyan navy. Since late June, the management of Libya’s SAR (Search And Rescue) zone has been the responsibility of the Libyan navy. The zone extends beyond the country’s territorial waters, covering a maritime area where traffickers’ boats have been met by NGOs, and migrants transported to ports on the European mainland.

Naturally, the countries ruining Europe were apoplectic.

”No words are enough to describe the outrage we are feeling at the moment!”, French NGO Watch the Med – AlarmPhone announced Monday evening, describing the event as the ”first push-back in years” by an Italian vessel.

”We are shocked!”, claimed Berlin-based NGO, Sea Watch; ”Yesterday, the Italian ship Asso Ventotto brought rescued persons back to Libya in violation of the Geneva Convention on Refugees and the European Convention on Human Rights.” The group insisted that the EU evacuate the migrants to Europe ahead of any legal decision which may follow from the European Court of Human Rights.

Let’s be honest here; no one believes this vessel was filled with orphaned children. It was most likely teeming with adult male Muslims, hell bent on continuing the Islamic invasion of Europe.

The reactions of SJW countries like France and Germany tell you all you need to know. If Macron and Merkel are angry about this, it’s arguably a good thing.

8 thoughts on “Viva l’Italia!

  1. Cathy – As do I. Not like the president could care less if they did blame him.

    TXNick – Exactly. We control the Senate and House, yet the GOP refuses to get anything done on immigration.

    Mike47 – Giant ass?


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