Looks Like Disney Is Getting A Little Blue

A casting call for naked bike riders has been put out in the great Northwest. The advertisement wants men and women to appear naked for an upcoming Disney film.

Wait, what?

A casting company is looking for extras for a “Naked Bike Ride scene” set to film Friday in Portland.

Wow, that’s so hot… oh wait, it’s Portland? Ugh, nevermind.

“Grant Wilfley Casting, Inc. is seeking cyclists with their own bicycle to appear as extras in an upcoming motion picture project to be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures,” reads the announcement on the Grant Wilfley Casting website.

Extras will be paid $150 for eight hours of work “plus $10 for your bicycle. Men must be ok appearing shirtless, women must be ok appearing with bare back on camera,” the announcement continues.

Okay, I’m confused. Why are they paying the bicycle? Does the bicycle also have to appear nude, and if so, will the bicycle be able to partake of the craft services?

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