The Holy Hand Grenade

Two geniuses from New Jersey found a hand grenade while doing a residential cleanout, and started tossing it around, thinking it was fake. Not so much.

Two men diced with death when they started playing catch with a live hand grenade that they assumed was a fake. James Oliver, 24, runs his own waste removal business, BVE Clearances, and found the Second World War weapon as he was clearing a house.

As a laugh he chucked it at his work mate Connor Maher, 22, who caught it and threw it back. An enjoyable game of catch ensued, but it was only later they learned the grenade was live and a bomb disposal expert had to come and blow it up.

Ladies and gentlemen, it should be common practice to assume all firearms, hand grenades, and plasma rifles are always loaded and/or live.


12 thoughts on “The Holy Hand Grenade

  1. Ronni – Mrs. Earp’s uncle had two inert grenades in his home. He was a hoarder and after he passed the in-laws found it. They called police, and Ordnance Disposal came to check it. The grenades were filled with sand, and my in-laws didn’t go near them.

    Interesting note: the inert grenades are in my garage now, awaiting Julia’s first boyfriend.

    TXNick – Raised and razed.

    MelP – I think it was a cleanout service for hoarders or others who passed away. Either way, it’s smart to have someone with know-how to check those things before, oh, I don’t know, playing with them.


  2. I once took a hand grenade to show and tell in fifth grade. The teacher asked for it, saw that it was inert and used it as a paperweight for the rest of the day. He even gave it back to me at the end of the day… I’ve often how that would have played out today…


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