The Eyes Of Laura’s Cars

Meet Laura Davis.

Laura was so excited when she earned her driver’s license. So excited, in fact, she had it suspended four times by the state of Florida. Well, I guess we better make it five.

St. Johns County Deputies said that Lauren Davis, 22, was driving with a license that had been suspended four times by the state.

Davis was driving on Nocatee Parkway when she slammed the brakes on her 2008 Honda Element in an act of road rage. A deputy witnessed the incident. When Davis was pulled over, she immediately admitted that she had road rage because she had been cut off by another car.

The deputy who pulled her over smelled marijuana and asked Davis if she had any in her car, the report said. Davis then held up a plastic bag from her center console. Davis told deputies the bag held one ounce of marijuana.

She seems nice, although the post-weed munchies are really taking its toll. Laura, when you get out, start smoking crack; it’ll thin out your face.

4 thoughts on “The Eyes Of Laura’s Cars

  1. TXNick – Good lord, to be that angry at 22 years old. Imagine what she’ll be like when she hits menopause.

    Mike – Buckle in, because she likes to hit the brakes… hard.


  2. She looks like the girl who called Delta Airlines and asked, “How long does it take to fly from Miami to Tampa?”

    The ticket agent said, “Just a minute…” while he started looking up the flight.

    She said, “Thank you.” and hung up.

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