Vacation: Week Two

We’re down to three days left in our summer shore rental, and while the kids are at each other’s throats from all the “togetherness,” there have been no fisticuffs. Yet.

Yesterday we took the kids to Ocean City, NJ to spend time at the amusement park. Four hours of rides, miniature golf – Kyle (right) won yet again, he’s won three of four rounds here – and dinner. Today we plan on heading to Atlantic City for their annual air show, Thunder Over the Boardwalk. The actual show is tomorrow, but the practice run is today… and it’s much less crowded for the rehearsal.

The princess got burned early last week – she’s normally so pasty – but she’s recovering nicely. The sunburn has been replaced by more freckles, and she is still Queen of the Sea. We’re convinced she would stay in the water all day if we let her, but since she’s not a strong swimmer, she comes out when we do.

Erik is not a beach person. At all. He usually asks to go back after a few hours, and by that time I’m ready to take a break, too. Erik hasn’t been a real pain, but he knows when his beach time is up.

I’ve been blogging when I can, but we’ve been so busy at the beach, playgrounds, arcades, etc., I haven’t been able to do anything else. I have been able to walk/jog every day, but haven’t been able to work on the book.

The good news is Kevin is still a good-looking rebel who plays by his own rules…

No standing? Get bent!

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