Love Rollercoaster

A woman in Kentucky was hit in the face, not by her lover’s whiskey bottle, but by airborne “loose items” on a roller coaster.

A woman was hit in the face by something while riding a roller coaster at Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday night. It happened around 8 p.m. on the T3 ride, a suspended looping coaster.

Adam Birkner, spokesman for Kentucky Kingdom, confirmed a woman was hit by an object and suffered a cut on her temple. She was transported from health services at the park to a hospital by ambulance for further treatment. He is not sure of her condition.

“After an extensive operational review, Kentucky Kingdom’s technical staff determined that the ride operated properly and the injury was not the result of any mechanical malfunction or operator error,” Birkner said.

He said staff members did find loose articles on the ground below the roller coaster such as a cell phone and several other items.

I’d like to think the perpetrator was smart enough to not recover his/her phone, but it’s Kentucky.

3 thoughts on “Love Rollercoaster

    1. And don’t forget the hatchet & skillet. According to Gran you never know when you’ll need to use it.
      Damn fools. Next thing you know we will have to wear helmets on the rides.


  1. TXNick – I imagine a jug with “XXX” painted on the side. No self-respecting Kentuckian leaves the house without their ‘shine.

    Cathy – And goggles. You can never be too careful.


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