Macho Man Richard Savage

Meet Florida’s Richard Savage.

As you can see from his mugshot, Richard is always the life of the party; but sometimes, even party animals need their beauty sleep.

A Pasco County man was arrested Sunday night after deputies say he waved a rifle at some pool-goers because he thought their music was too loud.

According to the sheriff’s office, it was around 8 p.m. when Richard J. Savage came out of his apartment in the Columns at Cypress Point apartment complex, upset about the noise at the community pool. That’s where three adults and three kids were attending a pool party.

Savage was carrying a rifle. At one point he racked the slide and pointed it at the group, demanding they “shut it down” before he headed back inside.

Wow, I do love it when I get to rack the slide of my rifle. Apparently the “journalists” in Florida drink the same water as the rest of the population.

5 thoughts on “Macho Man Richard Savage

  1. Come on, Wyatt!
    Shouldn’t we give them the benefit of the doubt?
    He probably had a 30-06 Remington 7600 pump action!


    I couldn’t hold it anymore.
    You’re right, the dumbasses were probably referring to a shotgun and just don’t know any better. Of course, knowing those idiots, he might even have had a bolt action rifle and working the bolt turned into “racking the slide”.


  2. Loki – Interesting the people who want to ban guns know so very little about them.

    Cathy – Harvey Weinstein “racked his slide” many, many times.


  3. He should have just hauled his stereo system out on his patio, set the volume to eleventy, and plugged in Disco Duck.

    Dueling stereos, so to speak.

    In case you didn’t know it, I have very little patience with idiots who think the whole world wants to hear their favorite music. Reasonable volume (preferably zero) in public places should be the norm.


  4. TXNick – Kyle’s friend drove a bunch of the kids to my house and when he pulled up, I could feel the bass from the stereo. Kyle’s friend got “the look,” and immediately turned down the music. I don’t like that when my neighbors do it, so I’m not going to let it go on at my house.

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