True Detective Stories

It is SO good to be back at work. Yesterday I walked in at 6:55am and was immediately approached by a detective from the overnight shift. He handed me a paper and said, “You guys have a shooting. There’s an arrest on it, and the cops are holding the scene.”

Now, my shift starts at 7am, and the overnight shift ends at 8am – there’s overlap – so my first two thoughts were, 1. get the f**k away from me until the clock strikes seven, and 2. why isn’t the overnight shift handling this, since it occurred at 6:30am?

My sergeant arrived a few minutes later and I briefed her on the situation. She also wondered why the overnight shift wasn’t taking the job, but forget it; it’s Chinatown. The victim was shot in the arm by a female relative, so two detectives processed the scene, and one detective and the sergeant went to the hospital to check on the victim. That left me as the lone detective in the building. Joy.

So between doing my job, answering the phones, handling the window, and checking the teletype messages, I also had to deal with the arresting officer, the defendant, and the paperwork. No big deal, but I get stressed when I have to juggle many tasks at once. It also doesn’t help when the police supervisor is completely and utterly incompetent.

The street supervisor called and said the witnesses – there were four – were all uncooperative. (No surprise there, it’s Philadelphia after all.) So the supervisor, in his infinite wisdom, decided he would release all of them from the scene. Just let ’em go. He also told me the witnesses were all Jamaican nationals, and were flying back to their country this afternoon.

So this jackass was allowing four shooting witnesses to exit a crime scene, refuse to be interviewed, and flee the country.

Just another day as a Big City Detective.

4 thoughts on “True Detective Stories

  1. Typical Wednesday in Philly?? Hopefully today will be better. I am taking Friday afternoon off so I will enjoy a nice, long holiday weekend!


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