Lord Of The Dance

Regular readers know I am a vociferous – how’s that for a twenty-five cent word? – supporter of Israel, but I gotta be honest, this story makes me lose a little respect for our Jewish allies.

The State Attorney’s office, along with Israeli police, decided on Wednesday to take severe measures against the practice of lap dances in strip clubs.

The new enforcement intends to eradicate “the activity that in certain circumstances constitutes prostitution,” according to the Deputy State Attorney.

“As such, continued practice of ‘lap dances’ shall be considered a criminal offense against which extensive measures can be taken, including against owners of such establishments.”

Okay, I have two reasons why this is a bad idea. First, you can’t swing a yarmulke without hitting a beautiful woman in Israel. Second, after dodging Palestinian rockets all day, a man’s gotta wind down. What better way than receiving a lap dance?

Weak sauce, Israel. Weak sauce.

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