Sliced And Diced

By the time you read this, I may be bleeding.

Last week was my annual visit to the dermatologist. I have needed regular checkups after contracting skin cancer a few years ago, which resulted in Mohs surgery on my forehead. (Twelve stitches for the win!)

During this year’s appointment, the doctor asked about the cyst on the side of my head. It had been steady at 12mm, but I was going to ask for an extraction this year. The doc checked the size, and apparently it grew from 12mm to 15mm. He agreed it should be removed, and today is the day.

While he cannot predict anything, the doctor did mention the cyst will be sent for a biopsy, just in case. I’m not particularly worried, and I couldn’t care less about another scar, but I’d like to get through the extraction with a minimum of pain and stress. Maybe they’ll let me take the cyst home?

Wish me luck…

Well, I made it. The cyst looked like a superball – they showed it to me after they removed it – and it took two stitches under the skin and six on my scalp. The doc will send it in for a biopsy – just in case – and I’m out of work until next week.

18 thoughts on “Sliced And Diced

  1. I’ve accumulated a few scars during my time on earth. I just call them, “Mile Markers.” Thankfully, none have been proven cancerous.

    Good luck, Wyatt. Positive attitude!


  2. This reminds me of my husband’s comment to me after my second knee replacement. “The initial buy-in wasn’t bad; but your upkeep is off the charts monetarily!” Praying everything goes well and you will soon be back to your handsome self!


  3. I’d like to come up with some catchy thing to say, but barring that, I’ll keep you in my prayers that all is benign. As Jenn said above, chicks dig scars, so maybe if you can send a photo to Vica Kerekes, she’ll drop everything and come nurse you back to health.

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  4. Prayers en route. I’m sure it will be fine.

    And, on the plus side (as redneckgeezer said), chicks really do dig scars.
    We want pics of Vica when she shows up.


  5. MelP – If it was an alien, it would have burst out of my skull on its own.

    TXNick – After the local took hold it was quick and painless – like sex with me. I can’t do virtually anything for 24 hours, and no physical activity for three days. Just have to sit and watch my ass grow.

    Ronni – I have another very small one on the top of my head. I was going to suggest a two-fer, but I didn’t want to be there all day.

    Jenn – I’m telling people the wife beat me up. This was the first time I noticed this, and it was really weird. I could actually hear the stitches being pulled tight through the incision. Weirdest sound I’ve ever heard.

    RG – Meh, she’s not that hot… oh wait.

    Toothy – This is my second cyst removal, plus two operations – intestines and appendix – and a ton of stitches across the old body.

    Mike47 – Nicely done!


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