Men At Work

Well, it’s been six days since my cyst extraction, and while I still have another week before the (blue) stitches can be removed, I am attempting to return to work this evening.

Why, you ask? Well, partially because I don’t want to take two weeks’ worth of sick time, and partially because I am going stir crazy at home. The doctor said I can’t bend over for a few days, I can’t walk or jog, I can’t sleep on my right side, etc., etc. In short, all I can do is sit down at the TV, computer, or by a window like Grandpa Simpson.

Now while that may seem like a dream to many of you, my personality – certifiably crazy and hopped up on Mountain Dew – will not allow me to do that. I’ve been trying to do things around the house, and after fifteen minutes I get dizzy. I go outside to trim bushes or pick things up and the headaches start. I figure if I go to work and sit at my desk, I’ll be following doctor’s orders. More or less.

So I’m giving it the old college try, and if – or when – I start feeling awful, you’ll all know you were right and I was wrong.

Besides, Julia accidentally sneezed into my stitches Friday night, so work can’t be much more unsanitary.

5 thoughts on “Men At Work

  1. I do understand the “going stir crazy”. You reach a point where regardless of what the doc thinks, you’re fairly certain you know better. I think blue is your color, by the way. Everything looks good even though the princess sneezed on you. Happy healing, Wyatt!


  2. TXNick – First two hours have been awful. I should have listened to the doctor and taken both weeks off. Oh well.

    Ronni – The headaches are still bad, but otherwise I’m fine. It’s nice that it’s raining, so we’re only really busy instead of crazy busy.

    Mike – Done and done!


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