The Viens Of Connecticut’s Existence

Meet Connecticut’s Adam Viens.

Adam may look like he’s inebriated, but in reality he is rolling his eyes after his blatantly unconstitutional arrest. I mean, really, who locks someone up for trying to protect and serve?

Adam Viens, of 18 Wrightson Drive, was charged Monday with impersonating a police officer after police said he could “take care” of an impaired driving arrest for a defendant.

State police said 47-year-old Keith Barnes contacted troopers in August and said Viens, through text messages, identified himself at Lt. John Aiello, commander of Troop D in Danielson. Barnes said he was charged in June with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and bumped into Viens after an appearance at Danielson Superior Court.

“Adam started to tell me that he had been a state trooper, but retired on disability,” Barnes told police, according to the warrant. “Adam told me, ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll take care of the situation.’”

“Adam has never directly asked for anything. At one point Adam said he lost his wallet in Boston and asked if I could hook him up with beers and shrimp cocktail.”

While this may be difficult to believe, in twenty-four years I never “took care” of someone; especially not at the promise of a monetary or similar reward. That said, if someone offers me some shrimp cocktail, I will at least listen to their proposition. Mmm… skrimps!

3 thoughts on “The Viens Of Connecticut’s Existence

  1. And this happened in Connecticut, a long way from Florida. However, evidently not far enough away for the “stoopid” not to migrate north.


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