Laurence Of A-Babe-Ia

Meet Laurence Mitchell of Florida.

Laurence always aspired to be the cool dad, and nothing says “Cool Dad” more than driving your underage son to a park so he can bang his underage girlfriend.

On September 6, a police officer spotted a Toyota parked after hours at McChesney Park in Port St. Lucie. The patrolman approached the vehicle and found Laurence Mitchell, 53, in the driver’s seat.

Asked what he was doing that Thursday evening, Mitchell explained that his son had asked him to pick up his girlfriend so that the minors could go to the park and “do their thang.” As to why the teens would be transported to a park after hours, Mitchell replied, “So they can do what kids do.” Asked by a patrolman for clarification of that statement, Mitchell reportedly said, “Well, they aren’t out there stealing, they are just having sex.”

Mitchell acknowledged that he did not know the girl he had picked up “nor gained consent to have her out from her parents.” But he added that, “They could be out there doing worse.”

When officers questioned Mitchell’s son, he explained, “We were just smokin’ and f**kin’.” Looks like the jackass didn’t fall far from the tree.

5 thoughts on “Laurence Of A-Babe-Ia

  1. Excuse me, Wyatt, but everyone has things they are good at doing. Remember teenage sex?? (Once you turn 18 and are an adult, of course) You need to practice until you get it right. Enough said.


  2. Ronni – Senior Week, Wildwood, New Jersey, with my steady girlfriend. I was 18, awful, and she cheated me on me a week later before dumping me. So I was apparently more awful in bed than I ever imagined.

    TXNick – Yeah, where were you in 2008. Lousy Irish twins…

    Cathy – And a moat, and a ring of fire.


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