The Schwing Of The Jungle

Meet Katya Sambuca.

Katya bumps fuzzies for money, but in this case she decided to bump fuzzy man-eating lions. The PETA-types were not pleased.

Katya Sambuca, 27, was taking part in a photoshoot in an unspecified location, when she was accompanied by two huge roaring male lions.

Video footage shows the blonde bombshell stroking the mane of one of the predators, while the other circles her.

And she sparked outrage from some of them. “It would have been great if the lion had eaten her and the photographers! Leave the lions alone,” one claimed. Another added: “It’s a shame that the lion didn’t finish her off. Poor animal.”

The lions never attacked Katya, most likely because they were suffering from burning sensations in their crotchal regions.

3 thoughts on “The Schwing Of The Jungle

  1. A PETA freak can do that and not get eaten because the lion knows better. His momma & daddy taught him that he would have to lick his ass for an hour to get rid of the taste.

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