The Open Road Awaits

When you’re the parent of a high school senior, your social calendar – empty as it may be – is quickly filled with college visits. One week after visiting the University of Dallas, Kyle and I will be driving to Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio.

It’s an eight-hour drive.

Heidelberg is the third (and for now, final) school to express significant interest in recruiting Kyle for lacrosse. USNews & World Report gives Heidelberg very good grades for its academics, and their lacrosse program, while fairly new, is solid.

Kyle also received a phone call Wednesday, informing him he was accepted at Heidelberg, and was offered a $14,000 academic scholarship!

We’re expecting to leave Philly between 6-7am today so we can arrive at Heidelberg by 3:30pm. Like the Dallas trip, we’ll be taking a tour of the campus, meet the coaches, and Kyle will be spending the night with the team. We’ll end the visit Saturday afternoon, and drive back to Philly Saturday afternoon.

After this visit, Kyle will have to consider his options and make a decision on where he would like to spend the next four years. The good news is the three schools interested in him are impressive academically, and athletically. Wish us luck.

(OH: I’ll try to keep posts up this weekend, but it will depend on how busy we are.)

6 thoughts on “The Open Road Awaits

  1. I hope the best, money is no object and if its a private institution 14K is nice to offset the rest. My youngest daughter is at St Johns in NY, I thought 20K a year was great and it is, but I still had to fund another 20k+ per year.


  2. Ronni – Eight. Hour. Drive. It started raining the moment we crossed the border into Ohio, and most of I-80 was under construction, because of course.

    Jim – The Saturn VUE. I drove the entire way, as Kyle slept in the shotgun seat from 6:15 until about 11.

    Ed – Yeah, it’s daunting, because we’re basically a one income family. But yes, $14,000 is a nice reward. Kyle is rooming with a lax guy tonight, and I’ll hear how he liked it tomorrow. Right now the front-runners are Heidelberg, Georgian Court, and the University of Dallas.


  3. I dunno, Wyatt… will the Chief of Police there be your chauffeur? I think Dallas has a leg up on them already.

    Regardless, best of luck to Kyle. He, like his Dad, is a great man.


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