A Nobel Effort

In thirteen years f blogging, I have said some particularly nasty things about South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham. After the last few weeks, I owe the distinguished senator a sincere apology. His rigid defense of Judge Kavanaugh was his Spartacus moment, and now he’s simply trolling his enemies.

“Well if North Korea comes through, yes. I’ll say this, if Donald Trump gets the Nobel Peace Prize, liberals all over the world will jump out of buildings,” Graham said when asked whether he thought Trump would win.

From behind the camera, someone remarked that a lot of people around the world don’t particularly like Trump.

Graham continued, “It’s not about being liked, it’s about results. So I think he’s doing a good job destroying ISIS, taking Iran on, but if we get North Korea to give up their nukes and live in peace, God, he would deserve a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Like many commenters at Ace of Spades noted, Graham is a completely different – read: better – man since John McCain passed away. Like President Trump, Lindsey fights.

10 thoughts on “A Nobel Effort

  1. Like you, up until “The Speech Heard ‘Round the World,” I always hoped the good people in SC would elect a different person for their Senator. But he has won me over for the moment. I just this incarnation of him is permanent.


  2. Whenever you look at a Republican lawmaker and see someone seemingly without a spine, look across the aisle to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Spartacus Booker, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, etc. and thank the Lord they’re not as bad as they could be!


  3. Considering that Megan called Graham “her bastard brother” I’m thinking McCain probably did have something on LG.

    Also, some people have made re-election comments on another page, but it turns out that he’s not up for that for a couple of more years. I’m thinking his disgust with the D’s FINALLY over rode the go along to get along BS that JM shoved down everyone’s throat over the years.


  4. Boy, are we all on the same wavelength!!! Never been impressed with LG until his forceful comments this past two weeks, and then going off the rails and speaking truth to the A$$holes on the Left…our new hero…maybe there is hope after all!!


  5. TXNick – I hope so, too. I think he’s definitely sincere, and maybe he finally sees the Democrats for what they are.

    Ronni – Agreed. Infinitely more entertaining than pre-2016 Lindsey.

    Cathy – You’re not the first to ask that question. It certainly seems Graham has free reign now that McCain is gone.

    William – No idea, but I’m glad Graham is acting in this manner, and equally glad McCain is gone.

    Mike – Honestly, why would any conservatives be afraid of those mental defects?

    MelP – Winning is fun, isn’t it? The GOP should try to make it a habit.

    Doc – I truly think they finally had enough with the Kavanaugh theatrics. They’re fighting back, and it’s beautiful to behold.


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