Heidel-Ho, Everybody!

For the second consecutive weekend, Kyle and I went on a college visit. Last week, it was the University of Dallas. This weekend it was Heidelberg University in Ohio.

Now driving a total of 1,034 miles in 38 hours is not my idea of fun, but Heidelberg was interested in Kyle for lacrosse. Kyle had already been accepted to the school, with a grant of $14,500, plus an extra $3,000 for being out-of-state. So, long trip or not, we definitely needed to go to Ohio to see what they were offering.

Eight. Hours. Later. We pulled into the campus and met the assistant lacrosse coach. (Guy looks EXACTLY like Jeff Gordon.) The coach gave us a quick tour of the athletic facilities – the stadium (above) is gorgeous – and explained the program, the conference, and everything else lacrosse-related.

The assistant coach then took us to meet Heidi in admissions – yes, Heidi works for Heidelberg – and she explained everything about the school, its programs, and so on. She also reminded us about Kyle’s $14,500 grant and $3,000 grant for being out-of-state. When Kyle said he’s looking at either business of science, Heidi told him the school has its own cadaver lab. Kyle looked at her, and she asked him if he knew what a cadaver was. He didn’t – which shocked me – and when Heidi said, “it’s a corpse,” Kyle made a nauseated face.

After meeting with Heidi – who had the most awesome Ohio accent – one of Heidelberg’s defensemen – Chris, from Cleveland – gave us a tour of the campus. Chris was very knowledgeable, friendly, and hilarious. At the end of the tour, Chris took Kyle to meet his roomie – a kid from King of Prussia, which is about 45 minutes west of Philly.

Kyle had dinner with some players, watched Rough and Rowdy – which is apparently some insane amateur boxing show – and had breakfast with more players Saturday morning. The only thing left was meeting with the head coach. The meeting was… interesting.

Kyle’s roommate brought him to the athletic center, and I met him there. It was the only time we’d get to speak with the head coach, and the meeting was scheduled for 11am. We waited in the hall outside his office, because the head coach was running a little late. No biggie. Ten minutes later, the players said the coach would he here any moment. Twenty minutes later, there was still no coach. Now I’m getting a little annoyed, but I didn’t want to blow this opportunity for Kyle. I held my tongue. A half hour goes by, and still no coach. The players seemed embarrassed, I was getting angry, and Kyle appeared anxious.

I sent Mrs. Earp a text, informing her of the situation. Her response? “That’s insane. Not looking good on his part.”

Finally, at 11:35am, the head coach arrived. He was setting up the field for a women’s soccer game, and was apparently running late for our meeting. He explained the situation, but never specifically apologized, but whatever. The head coach brought us into the office and talked about the program. At one point, he told Kyle, “As long as you attend practices, keep up your grades, etc., I wouldn’t cut you.”

Wait, what? Why would you even mention cutting a player during his college visit?

At two separate times while Kyle was speaking earlier, the head coach looked at his watch. He needed to be at the soccer game, and – in my opinion – he gave Kyle short shrift. The meeting kind of spiraled downward from there. Kyle was obviously stressed out by the tardiness and the meeting overall, so when the coach asked if he had any questions, he uttered a meek “no.” The coach stood up, shook hands, and said he’d be in touch. We walked out of the office, got in the car, and headed home.

I did my best to not talk about the meeting, but Kyle was obviously upset. He liked the campus and the players, but to come 500-plus miles only to get a bare-bones meeting with the coach seemed counterproductive. As a former lacrosse coach, I understand college coaches are very busy; but Kyle was the only recruit there this weekend. Would it be too much to ask to arrive at the meeting on time?

I honestly don’t know what Kyle is going to do or what choice he will make. After this weekend, I sincerely hope he gives the University of Dallas a long, good look.

OH: I just remembered something. Kyle was scheduled to retake the SAT on Saturday. We had to cancel it, and lose our deposit, because we were scheduled for the Heidelberg visit that day. Wonderful.

5 thoughts on “Heidel-Ho, Everybody!

  1. I am truly surprised by this. My best friend is the cheerleading coach here at the university where I work and if she pulled a stunt like this coach did, first she would be called into the Athletic Director’s office and would probably end up having a “come to Jesus” moment with the president if they thought it might cost them an applicant. Ridiculous!


  2. Hey Kyle, come on back to U.D. and I’ll spring for another dinner {heh} somewhere. 🙂 I think the blonde waitress in the short-shorts was looking at you a lot.


  3. Ronni – We were surprised, too. Kyle, for the most part, is very even-keeled; especially in front of adults. He was visibly angry after about twenty minutes of waiting, and sent me a text saying, “I’m pissed right now. This is f**king stupid.”

    Look, the coach may have been stressed, or had a bad day, but at the very least he should have sent Kyle or his players a text saying he would be late. I certainly didn’t take pleasure in writing this, but I tell you guys everything. The coach’s attitude cost them a good player and a very good student. It’s a shame for everyone involved.

    TXNick – One of the first things he said as we were driving home was, “That’s it with long trips. I don’t want to do this again.” (“This” meaning driving 500 miles for virtually nothing.) Kyle is playing in three fall ball tournaments, so he may see more interest from colleges in November, but right now, UD is the front-runner. Plus, he’s already made his way onto their website.


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