Bright Lights, Big City

For members of the Earp family, the most popular sports are lacrosse and hockey. So when Kyle sent me a text saying he already found his Christmas present, I figured it would be one of the two. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Budweiser Red Light.

FOR SOME, THE Internet of Things made its Super Bowl debut during the advertising blitz, through an offer by Budweiser Canada to come to your home and install a red goal light synced to the scores of your favorite team.

The Budweiser Red Light works by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. After configuring the device with an Android or iPhone app to tell it what teams you are rooting for, it sits sleeping in your rec room. When a game is on, it wakes up and starts listening over the network for a score. When the puck goes in the net, the light goes crazy.

“We are not joking: It’s real, it works and you can buy it,” says the Budweiser Canada homepage.

I am seriously considering buying this for Kyle, for two reasons. First, he will have the coolest college dorm ever, and second, I really want one for the man cave.

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