A Bittersweet Occasion

While I spent most of my day lying in bed or on a comfy chair, we’ll be headed out to dinner this evening with my wife’s family. Today would have been my in-law’s fiftieth wedding anniversary, and while Dad passed away in March, my mother-in-law wants to celebrate the milestone with the clan.

We’re going to the Eddington House, a small restaurant just outside the city limits, where they spent more than their fair share of dinners. Eddington House was their spot, so it’ll be nice to celebrate the occasion there.

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven months since Dad passed away from cancer. It’s even harder knowing he missed Kyle’s acceptance letters, seeing Erik making the South Jersey Saints lacrosse team, Kevin achieving his red belt with black stripe at karate, and Julia playing the drums for the school band.

Life is short – a fact I know all too well after the past few days – so spend every day to the fullest.

3 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Occasion

  1. I know far too well what you are saying. I never dreamed I would be a widow at 56. Jon didn’t get to see his son get married and is missing out on the joy of grandchildren. Have a nice evening making more memories.


  2. Ronni – Dinner was great, and my niece drove home from college – she’s at Pitt – for dinner.

    TXNick – True enough. And I only had one PVC incident the entire evening. That’s progress, I suppose.


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