Hillary’s Security Clearances Revoked

The State Department removed Hillary Clinton’s security clearances – allegedly – at Clinton’s request.

The US State Department withdrew former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s security clearance at Clinton’s request, a letter from the department indicates.

The State Department said Clinton’s security clearance was “administratively withdrawn” on August 30, along with those of Clinton’s top aide, Cheryl Mills, and several others.

Every single article is reporting Hillary requested the revocation. Is anyone buying this tripe? Hillary is still, sadly, politically active so security clearances would afford her more gravitas with her cohorts on the left. Anything is possible, but when have you ever witnessed a Clinton voluntarily give up power?

9 thoughts on “Hillary’s Security Clearances Revoked

  1. “At her request”. Yeah, right! If this had happened to a conservative politician the news media would have had a field day. That hag and it’s ‘crickets and tumbleweeds’. The media and their democratic masters aren’t successful as even a sad joke anymore. : (


  2. TXNick – No idea, but one guess would be Huma Abedin. That terrorist sympathizer should never, ever have security clearances.

    William – The press is officially dead. Donald Trump, thankfully, killed them.


  3. Sounds like Trump finally found a way to make her chase her own tail. How can she come out & deny that she requested the removal? If she does, it’ll show the majority what a liar she is (some are so caught up in their worship that they’ll never believe it).


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