A New Generation Of X-Men

While no one would ever claim I am the father of the year – allowing Kevin to play Hangman with an actual noose most lilely ruined my chances – at least I never let my kids crawl through an x-ray scanner.

Yes, you read that correctly; apparently China is the new Florida.

Security cameras were rolling at a Chinese train station when a curious toddler climbed onto a baggage belt and went through the X-ray scanner.

The video, filmed at the Xiaolan railway station in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, shows the man going through security when his young son disappears from view.

The man gets to the other side of the checkpoint and notices his son is missing. He turns to find the boy, who then crawls out of the luggage X-ray machine.

How are these assclowns beating us financially and militarily?

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