Forever Your Whirl

Remember Paula Abdul? No, of course you don’t, because Paula was a one-hit wonder in the 80’s who retained infamy for American Idol and her constant “unexplained” slurring.

Anyway, Paula is back in the news again, and the media is tripping over themselves to scoop the story.

Paula Abdul took quite a tumble on Saturday while performing on the third stop of her current tour. The 56-year-old singer was mid-performance when she plummeted right off the stage, much to the horror of her adoring fans.

If Abdul has “adoring fans,” I am now the Sexiest Man Alive.

Paula was belting out her hit ‘The Promise of a New Day,’ while standing on some huge flowing pieces of pink and purple fabric. But, as she walked toward the crowd while waving one arm, she didn’t seem to notice that the stage was about to end.

The star shouted ‘come on’ into the microphone and then toppled face first into the audience.

And that, my friends, is the perfect illustration for Paula Abdul’s career.

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