Schmo Versus The Volcano

American photographer John Milton and his wife wanted their wedding truly memorable, so these leftist morons flew to war-torn Congo, were married atop an active volcano, and staged the most despicable wedding album of all time.

“Saying our vows at the top of an active Congolese volcano with a local tribe while a civil war is brewing below is surrealism at its best,” reads one caption. And surrealism certainly is one word for it! Blithering self-absorption is another – who uses a civil war as a colourful backdrop for wedding pics?!

“This is how our journey began in Congo before we reached the top of a fiery volcano to get married. Just us, a security team, sherpas, a chef, a local tribe, and a Congolese minister…” reads a second caption, because GOD FORBID you carry your own shit or cook your own meals on your pilgrimage to the altar of obliviousness atop Fuckwit Mountain!

Christin spoke about her choice to post the pictures, saying: I decided to share these pictures in order to foster discussion within my friends and following, specifically about the accessorization of black bodies for this couple’s photo shoot.

I can’t think of a better example of blithe, ignorant, breezy racism than putting a wedding ring on an AK47 in the hands of a Congolese person and captioning it “Blood diamonds“. Or calling a local village and its inhabitants the “ghetto“.

Luckily for the Miltons, dozens of Congolese citizens were murdered that week, which added to the civil war “feel.” If justice truly existed in this world, they would have both fallen into the volcano while taking a post-wedding selfie.

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