The Ashiest Place On Earth

I have only one question regarding this story: what the hell is wrong with people?

No code is kept more under wraps at Walt Disney World and Disneyland than the call for a “HEPA cleanup.” It means that, once again, a park guest has scattered the cremated ashes of a loved one somewhere in the park, and an ultrafine (or “HEPA”) vacuum cleaner is needed to suck them up.

Disney custodians say it happens about once a month.

Current and former custodians at Disney parks say identifying and vacuuming up human ashes is a signature and secret part of working at the Happiest Place on Earth. It is grisly work for them, but a cathartic release for the bereaved, who say treating Disney parks as a final resting place is the ultimate tribute to ardent fans.

“The Haunted Mansion probably has so much human ashes in it that it’s not even funny,” said one Disneyland custodian.

Well really, what beings a family together more than wading through – and inhaling – human remains?

6 thoughts on “The Ashiest Place On Earth

  1. I want extra pay and really great benefits if I am going to have to vacuum up ashes daily. I would think that might be a tough position to fill. Although perhaps it could come under the infamous “other duties as assigned”.


  2. I have some of my husband ashes and they are destined for space mountain. That man loved Disneyland back when it was a fun family place to go.


  3. I would have never thought of Disneyland as a place to dump ashes, but if I did, I would think on a landscaped area or something not inside a building.


  4. Ronni – I’d tell then to kiss my ash.

    Cathy – That would be my choice; there of the Haunted Mansion.

    TXNick – It’s like Thanos snapped his fingers in Florida.

    Mike – Either there or the Rustler Steakhouse.

    Ingineer – Yeah, I’m not a fan of inhaling other humans.


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