Fail, Cesar

Cesar Sayoc, Jr. was arrested yesterday in connection with sending inert bombs to Democrat politicians. Apparently, he was found living in a van down by the river.

The 56-year-old man who has been arrested for sending mail bombs to Democratic politicians has been identified as Cesar Sayoc Jr.

Sayoc, who resides in Aventura, Florida, north of Miami, was arrested Friday. He is suspected of sending at least 12 potential explosive devices to several Democratic politicians, including President Obama, the Clintons, California Rep. Maxine Waters and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker.

Sayoc’s lawyer will undoubtedly throw out an insanity defense, and while this guy is definitely off his rocker, he needs to be sent to general population.

Sayoc faces five federal charges: interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against former presidents and certain other persons, threatening interstate communications, and assaulting federal officers.

Sayoc has a criminal history that includes charges for grand theft and felony distribution of steroids, according to publicly available records.

Sayoc may want to grab some of those steroids in preparation for a lifetime in federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison.

9 thoughts on “Fail, Cesar

  1. He made all the other idiots in Flori-Duh look like geniuses. Just for that, he needs to be sent to SuperMax for the rest of his days, and his name banned from being used ever again. In other words, give him the old Soviet “non-person” treatment.


  2. What’s funny is he’s claiming to be a member of the Seminole FL tribe & an employee at the Hard Rock (owned by the same tribe). Of course, the Seminoles are denying that he has any affiliation with them. He also claims to be Filipino & that his grandfather created some kind of fighting style that stopped the commies. And supposedly, he’s a Trump supporter. What he really is, is crazier than a sh!t house rat.

    Oh, yeah & he’s also a stripper. Looks like Creepy P0rn Lawyer has his next gig lined up.

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  3. I loved how the media blow-hacks quickly tried to assign this guy to a particular side of the political aisle, as if somehow that matters. The only thing that matters is knowing this guy is from Nuts-sylvania.


  4. TXNick – Pro-tip: If you want to do something illegal, don’t drive around in the most easily identified vehicle on planet Earth.

    Cathy – It’s not some typical conservative “gun nut.” It’s just some assclown who mailed inert devices to politicians.

    MelP – Hold on, I’ll start mailing out the blankets with smallpox. What, too soon?

    J-Dub – If politics is a life-and-death matter to you (you, meaning Cesar), it’s time to rethink your life. Most politicians are despicable liars who have their own interests at heart. Why would you devote time and energy to them?


        1. I’m not gonna find out that I’m 1/1024th Latino, like Duchess Lizzie. Anyhoozle, in crazy Cali, we just have to declare we are & *poof* done.


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