Gator McF**ksy Returns

A Florida man – naturally – apparrently wanted some excitement in his life. So since there were no dolphins around, he decided to swim with alligators.

A Florida man was injured Tuesday after he broke into the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park and jumped into a pond full of crocodiles. Surveillance video shows the man jumping into the crocodile pit.

{Park Director John] Bruggen said employees found a pair of shorts and a Crocs brand rubber shoe floating in a pool and thought it might be a prank. Staff members said they called police after finding blood. Bruggen said a lot of blood was found at the top of the zip line platform that sits over the crocodiles.

Florida Man wears crocs to swim with alligators. You cannot make this up.

When police got to the park, employees told officers about the blood. An officer reportedly responded, “Oh, I think we’ve already got the perpetrator in custody. We got somebody who told us they were bitten by an alligator.”

I give the guy a month or so to try again. Darwin does not like to be trifled with, and he always gets his (Flori-duh) man.

4 thoughts on “Gator McF**ksy Returns

  1. When I first heard of this, I was thinking, “What a crock.” Now it’s just, what a croc. I hope he lost his “eggs” while swimming. It would be a pity if he could still breed democrats.


  2. Dang, survival of the fittest failed this time. I agree, though, he’ll do some other mindless stunt and karma will have it’s revenge.


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