In Soviet Russia, Ship Sinks You!

Forget Russian collusion; the big story these days is Russian collision.

A floating dock sank early morning in Murmansk, dropping a crane on the deck of the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier, the United Shipbuilding Corporation said.

The corporation’s chief, Alexei Rakhmanov, said the 70-ton crane left a hole of 215 square feet, but added that it didn’t damage any of the ship’s vital systems. Rakhmanov said it may have been caused by a sharp power surge that led to pumps’ failure.

Rakhmanov acknowledged, however, that the loss of the huge, 80,000-ton dock would disrupt the planned modernization of other Russian navy ships. The dock is the only structure of that capacity that Russia has, and it wasn’t immediately clear whether it could be lifted.

Here’s a novel idea; instead of paying billions for a floating dock, why not try building one near, let’s say, land? The country’s been around for 1,200 years and it’s just as backwards now as it was in 862 A.D.

8 thoughts on “In Soviet Russia, Ship Sinks You!

  1. I love when incidents like this occur. It shows us how things truly are in Russia vs how Putin wants us to believe things are in Russia when it comes to their military forces and capabilities.


  2. Mike – Okay, I laughed. Loudly. 🙂

    Ronni – Yeah, “the evil empire” can’t keep a dock above water and most of their warships are rusting.


  3. And the amusing thing about this ship is the Russians sold the Chinese its sister ship. Neither one is really seaworthy.

    An old Navy saying comes to mind: “Ships float, Boats sink.” I think both the Russian and Chinese navies have large submarines (if they can get them to surface again).


    1. We are the only people who use “flat” carries.” Look at what the British build.

      Floating docks are a thing. They are usually next to the land. In Mermansk the tidal range is about 10 to 12 feet (on full moons, and new moons – at astronomically high and astronomically low tide.) Makes all kinds of things more difficult. Tidal range (on the same days) at Norfolk, Virginia is less than 5 feet. And even the commercial docks will be floating – or some of them anyway.


    2. We use catapults to get the jets up to speed in a short amount of time. Most everyone else uses the full (short) runway and the extra elevation helps keep them out of the drink (or the deck of the destroyer in front of them!)


  4. Zendo – That’s probably because Busch gardens dumps all their dead animals there. Nothing worse than getting a cruiser stuck on an elephant carcass.

    Mike – My god, it happened three times! Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few DDs.


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