Sinking Arizona

There’s an old saying in politics which claims you get the government you deserve. It would appear Arizona is doing just that, as Arizona-hating leftist Kyrsten Sinema has won the U.S. Senate seat.

The prolonged Arizona Senate election is Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema’s to lose as incoming mail-in ballots continue to trend in her direction.

Following a dump of new mail-in ballots Sunday, Sinema expanded her lead over GOP Rep. Martha McSally — with Sinema now leading by 32,292 votes, or 1.5 percentage-points. Her campaign is declaring it would be impossible at this point for McSally to swing the election.

McSally was not a great candidate – she’s a John McCain “conservative” – but Synema has continually attacked and insulted Arizona and its people. Why would you run for office in a state you despise?

However, McSally’s camp is holding out hope, pointing out that thousands more ballots remain to be counted. There are estimated to be well over 200,000 votes left to tally. Arizona — a state where 75 percent of votes are cast by mail-in ballot — traditionally witnesses slow-paced election results.

Most of you know how much I love Arizona. It was on my short list for retirement spots. No longer. Arizona is trending blue, and when the state elects such a despicable woman to the Senate, you know it’s time to look elsewhere.

12 thoughts on “Sinking Arizona

  1. I have to think the retirees from the NE are affecting the elections in Florida and Arizona the last decade or so. Lots more purple on the map which is discouraging.


  2. And Arizona is one of only seven states that do not have a state income tax. How long do ya think, after it turns completely blue, will that last? Ditto for Texas. We dodged a bullet this time, but given the indoctrination of the kids in school on the wonders of socialism, Texas may go the way of Flori-Duh and Arizona.


  3. Ronni – Lot of that going around. Scumbags leave their ruined states and bring their ruinous politics with them.

    TXNick – Yep. God, I may take my neighbor’s advice and look at Alabama.


  4. I finished a job in Georgia last year. I worked near Albany on a plant for almost one year. Just about everyone I worked with at the plant and the people in the area were as kind and courteous as could be. If it wasn’t for that state income tax, that place would work for me.

    Now Atlanta…. nevermind. Like all big cities, even in Texas, I do my best to avoid them.


  5. A big problem is the hippies from CA either moving or retiring here and bringing their politics with them. Tucson’s city council is filled with low level Dems that hate Trump and they make decisions based on that.

    Truth is McSally is no better than McCain or Flake and unfortunately that’s only what AZ has to offer. I voted for McSally but it seemed this election was about the party not the individual, which is sad.


    1. As Kevin says, this is happening in several Western. After having Califonicated their own state, they now bail out of the disaster they helped create in order to do it to other states!! : (


  6. Jim – At this point it’s Galt’s Glitch, I suppose.

    TXNick – I heard good things there, too. Nashville is solid blue, but the rest of the state should be okay.

    Keevin – I really thought Ward would have been better, but she didn’t have the GOP establishment backing. How are there no real conservatives in AZ to run for senator?


  7. I voted for Ward initially and when Joe decided to run the consensus was he would take votes from Ward ( which he did ) and allow McSally to win 😡.


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