A Simple Plan

For the benefit of those who read the blog and expect some back and forth from me, today will not be that day. Instead, I will be spending the first half of my day off in court, and the second half in a doctor’s office.

Today is biopsy day.

I received a court notice Thursday for a robbery case today. The case is set for 8am, which means little sleep last night, an hour drive in rush hour traffic to basically check in and check out. It doesn’t appear I’ll be needed to testify, but I do need to appear. The plan is to pull the ADA aside and tell him I can’t stay because there is a lot of, um, “prepping” for a prostate biopsy.

The procedure is set for 2:45pm, and hopefully I’ll know the results early next week. Thanksgiving will undoubtedly throw the schedule off, but the sooner I know if it’s cancer, the sooner I can begin treatment.

Apparently I can’t do much for the two days afterward, but I’ll have to go to work. You don’t call out sick on holidays. Luckily, sitting at a desk is not too strenuous, so there shouldn’t be any issues.

I have posts set for the rest of the day, but if – read: when – I’m not around, it isn’t because I hate you. It’s because I’m preparing my perfectly-shaped ass for the scalpel.

9 thoughts on “A Simple Plan

  1. I’ll be thinking about you and your perfectly-shaped ass today. And real Thanksgiving was a month ago so don’t worry about that.


  2. Do you expect me to just take your word for it regarding your “perfectly shaped ass”? Perfectly shaped for what….human, vegetable, mineral, Rosie O’Donnell, The Rock?? Take care and I will be thinking about you today.


  3. Jenn – Thanks! You know, you’re very snarky since the Maple Leafs started ruling the NHL. 🙂

    Ronni – I’ll be fine. Thee worst part will be waiting for the results – and the use of the “dreaded apparatus” at 11:45 my time.

    As for the rear, I’d compare it to a candy apple. Better than Bradley Cooper, but not as good as Ryan Reynolds.

    Loki – My favorite comedy! Nothing else is even close. Saw it in the theater, and have been quoting it ever since. My friends believe I can quote the entire film verbatim, and I actually have a Ricky Vaughn Indians jersey Kyle now wears.


  4. MelP – I’m kinda disappointed you guys haven’t already. And I fully expect cancer jokes if the biopsy turns out positive. If you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point of this blog?


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