Weekend Caption Contest

Candygram! Caption Contest
(Source: Yahoo! News)

Caption this photo in the comments section. The winners will be posted on Monday, November 26th.

Original Caption: Shia Hashed al-Shaabi units invade households in a Sunni neighborhood in Baiji to arrest suspected ISIS members and search for incriminating evidence. (Photo: Sebastian Backhaus)

13 thoughts on “Weekend Caption Contest

  1. “Hello, little boy. I’m from the Homeowner’s Association. I need to tell your parents the door colors violate the association rules about tacky contrasts. Tell them to come outside for their summary executions.”

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  2. Soldier: “Yes, I realize you’re used to the white shirts, black ties, and pleasant demeanor, but we Jehovah’s Witnesses decided we’re playing for keeps. Now, would you accept our copy of The Watchtower, or would you rather prefer a flash-bang?”

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