Islamist Tries To Run Down Jews In L.A.

A California Islamist tried to murder two men coming from Synagogue, solely because the men were Jewish. Religion of Peace, indeed.

Mohammed Mohammed allegedly insulted two men as they were walking out of a synagogue in Hancock Park, NBC4 reported. He then allegedly tried running them over, and after missing them, turned around and tried again.

“We both scrambled in different directions so he slammed on his brakes and missed us thank God,” one of the victims said to CBS. “He clearly was going at us and it was even more clear on round two.”

“Why he chose us? Probably because of the yarmulkes on our heads,” the victim added.

A witness allegedly saw a Quran on Mohammed’s dashboard, although he did not share any religious thoughts during the attack.

That’s okay, I’ll share some thoughts. Mohammed Squared is a dyed-in-the-wool member of Islam, and the religion, in its current 21st century form, showers praise upon those who randomly murder Jews. Mohammedx2 kept his Quran close in case he perished during his fatwa. This isn’t f**king rocket science, people, but the fact no one feels “comfortable” stating the truth about Islam is why attacks like these continue.

4 thoughts on “Islamist Tries To Run Down Jews In L.A.

  1. As all libtards will say “Not all muslims are violent”. Yeah right. And I’m a born again virgin. And bears wipe their ass after doo-doing in the woods.


  2. I agree, Wyatt. The terrorists are emboldened because they know people hate being called racist or Islamophobic, etc. So, the terrorists get away with the attacks and sometimes murder.


  3. TXNick – Sadly, GW never really had it in him. He’s too much like his father.

    Cathy – Islam is a very violent religion, and ironically, most of the people they slaughter have been fellow Muslims.

    Ronni – They get a pass because everyone fears reprisals. Funny how Christians never get that benefit of the doubt.


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