Just Say The Word… Su-Su-Subpeona

Former FBI Director James Comey, the most principled man ever to work in law enforcement, is suing to quash his subpoena before a House inquiry set for December 3rd.

Former FBI Director James Comey is asking a federal judge to block a subpoena for his closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

The committee subpoenaed Comey on Nov. 21 to appear for a deposition Dec. 3 regarding his handling of the FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian government.

Comey responded to the subpoena on Twitter, calling for a public hearing instead of a private interview. His attorneys argue the subpoena request violates House rules, which they assert operate under the presumption that hearings be open to the public.

The reason why Comey is protesting this is because if the hearings are open, he can use that excuse to claim he cannot divulge sensitive information. It’s cover, and it gives him an excuse to not answer questions. Comey is a despicable POS, but he’s not stupid.

Comey’s legal team also argues that the House committees have selectively leaked details of closed-door testimony from other current and former FBI officials.

That’s a joke, right? Comey leaked like a sieve about the “Russian collusion” investigation to your lawyer friend, who then leaked to the media. I guess it’s okay if you leak something, right asshole?

8 thoughts on “Just Say The Word… Su-Su-Subpeona

  1. Funny how libtards always run to the courts when they don’t get their way. I suspect most of them would be quite happy just to have that branch of government, and throw away the other two.


    1. Even when Ovomit was prez and he had congress on his side, the only way he got anything done was to have the Ovomit judges do it for him. Oh, wait, there aren’t any Ovomit judges.


  2. I agree with you 100% on the claiming confidentiality in an open hearing. Tough to be found guilty of anything if you don’t open your mouth. I have never trusted or liked Comey. He is the poster boy for deceit and dishonesty as far as I am concerned. What a DB!!


  3. TXNick – It’s why they’re so insane after the election. Trump can pack the courts. (Well, he could if Flake wasn’t such a douche.)

    RG – Roberts was a “Bush” judge, and we see where that got us.

    Ronni – The law enforcement personnel who always pat themselves on the back and tell war stories are always the ones who never did anything in their careers.

    Cathy – Agreed, but since there are two Americas, that will never happen.


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