Calling In A Prayer Strike

Regular commenter, caption contest wizard, and my longtime internet friend Toothy received some bad news recently. It seems his lovely bride has been diagnosed with cancer.

I don’t need to remind everyone what a despicable disease that is, especially with my diagnosis arriving Monday. It destroys families, and wreaks havoc on not only the patients but their loved ones.

It’s taken me a long time to realize blog readers are not just random strangers looking for entertainment; they’re effectively family. I’ve come to know many of you both on and off the blog, and I consider you guys my friends and family. Toothy falls in the latter category. We met when I was running my original blog, way back in 2005. We’ve emailed and commented back and forth for thirteen years, and talked about everything from guns to babes to politics. He’s a good man.

Toothy’s wife is a good woman; someone who should never receive a diagnosis like this. Please take some time today – and every day from here on out – to pray for Mrs. Toothy. Please.

And Toothy, whatever you need from me, you got it. Say the word. I’ve already made it through the Ohio Turnpike once without a scratch. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Calling In A Prayer Strike

  1. Prayers for Toothy’s wife and for you, Wyatt. Having lost my husband of 30+ years to cancer I absolutely agree with you.


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