Dance The Night Away

For the past few years, my youngest son Kevin has been participating in dance lessons held at his school. It’s a program which reaches out to local schools and teaches those interested to dance – from everything from the waltz to hip hop. Kevin has always enjoyed the lessons, but we had no idea how good he actually was.

Last week, they put on a show for the parents – I was working, naturally – and Kevin moved on to the semifinals. He will be dancing the waltz with his partner and best friend Grace. Not only that, but the pair have been chosen as the captains of their dance team.

The semifinals are set for tomorrow morning, and sadly, he’ll be dancing while I am getting my biopsy results. Mrs. Earp bought Kevin a new shirt – it needed to be blue – with an accompanying bow tie. We’re trying to keep him grounded, and reminding him if he moves on, that’s great and if he doesn’t, he focuses on his accomplishments so far.

The fact he’s dancing with Grace is a good sign, so he’ll see this more as fun than as a competition.

UPDATE: Mrs. Earp sent video of Kevin and Grace’s waltz…

Kevin and Grace are in blue.

UPDATE 2: GOLD!!! Kevin, Grace and the rest of their team are moving on!!

9 thoughts on “Dance The Night Away

  1. What a handsome young man! Congrats on his accomplishments and how nice to be able to do this with a really good friend. Takes a lot of the stress out of it. Thinking about you and your results and hoping for the best!


  2. You are going to have great news today. So relax and enjoy watching Kevin grow up to be a handsome man. That smile is going to knock the girls over.


  3. Ronni – GOLD! Kevin and Grace move on!

    INPiker – Grace is such a pretty girl, too. They’ve been friends since kindergarten.

    Cathy – It’s eerie how much he looks like Erik. I think the bowtie works for him.

    Mike47 – Definitely.


  4. This is the stuff that makes your blog so much fun to be a part of. You have a great family and great kids and I really enjoy reading about their accomplishments. A twofer for your day, moving on and a clean bill of health. Fantastic.


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