Lyin’ Jim Comey Doesn’t Disappoint

President Trump ripped beta-male former FBI Director James Comey after “failing to recall” answers for most of the House Oversight Committee’s questions. Funny, that’s a weird stance to take when you’re America’s most honest government employee.

President Donald Trump on Sunday criticized former FBI Director James Comey for saying he doesn’t recall the answers to questions during his Friday Congressional testimony behind closed doors.

Comey’s Friday testimony was published nearly 24 hours after he appeared before the joint House Oversight and Judiciary Committees to discuss investigations pertinent to the 2016 presidential election. Comey claimed on dozens of occasions that he did not recall or he did not know the answer to key questions regarding the FBI’s initiation of an investigation against the Trump campaign in 2016.

The former FBI director refused to answer many questions regarding the Trump campaign investigation, saying he did not want to compromise an ongoing investigation.

You are not compromising an ongoing investigation when you testify behind closed doors, jerkass. What you are doing is showing yourself to be less than honest at best, and a full-fledged liar at worst.

James Comey belongs in prison, but our betters in the government will never allow that to happen. Instead, the Democrats will continue to pursue impeachment, while the Clintons, Comeys, and Clappers of the world walk around scot-free.

P.S. – There’s an update and video of Kevin’s competition in the post below.

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