Better Redhead Than Dead

Nerds at Edinburgh University have determined redheads get their spectacular hair due to eight previously unknown genes.

REDHEADS have eight different genes to thank for their flaming locks, scientists have revealed. They solved the mystery of how gingers get their hair colour by studying DNA from a data bank of almost 350,000 people.

It was known the MC1R gene, passed on by parents, influenced hues but researchers suspected variants were at play.

The Edinburgh University team identified eight previously unknown genetic differences that can lead to rusty roots. They also found that some of these work by controlling when MC1R is switched on or off.

My only question is why would anyone want to turn it off?

5 thoughts on “Better Redhead Than Dead

  1. If they continue their research they will probably find that same DNA mix also contributes to enhanced boobulature in females. I will gladly assist them with the study.


  2. William – BLASPHEMY! That’s Vica Kerekes, an actress from Slovakia who very proudly shows her goodies in film.

    Jenn – Now wait a minute, you’re not… oh, nevermind.

    Jim – Yes, they may need a hands-on approach to that.


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