Orange. Man. Bad.

Meet Representative Jackie Speier (D – CA), a woman who obviously uses Homer Simpson’s makeup shotgun. Jackie, like most leftist Democrats, believes she is special, and the rules do not apply to her. They do, however, apply to Republicans, wholly and completely.

Democratic lawmakers avoided any comparison of former President Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s claims of then-candidate Trump directing him to quiet a woman he had an affair with through a hush money payment to Congress’s sexual harassment settlements of former capitol hill staffers.

“They’re totally unrelated,” California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier told The Daily Caller on Wednesday. She later explained, “One was to impact an election and the other was bad behavior within Congress.”

Maybe someone can explain this to me. How is alleged hush money, paid to a Playboy centerfold, akin to impacting an election? The stupid twat violated the non-disclosure agreement and blabbed about it anyway. The result was 1. everyone knew well before the election, and 2. not only did no one give a shit, but most people – guys, anyway – applauded Trump for banging fabulous babes. But yes, Jackie, tell us how it impacted an election, while your colleagues diddling staffers is “unrelated.”

In the wake of Cohen’s sentencing for several charges, including tax evasion, making a false statement to a bank and lying to Congress, House and Senate lawmakers reached a deal Wednesday to change congressional rules on sexual harassment on capitol hill.

The House legislation, which makes members legally responsible for all settlements, and the Senate bill, which limited how much members would have to pay from their own bank accounts, came together.

Perhaps Jackie should worry about cleaning her own house – pun intended – before lecturing the president, especially since it took years for their secret victim payments to see the light of day.

5 thoughts on “Orange. Man. Bad.

  1. Unfortunately, the hypocrisy when it comes to affairs is rampant on both sides of the aisle. What chaps my hide is the fact that the taxpayers had been paying the hush money!


  2. It would be cheaper if the government just added a new job description and multiple “positions” in government. Each congress person could have their own staff of hookers/gigolos. Those that chose to remain chaste could have a few more bucks for their important staff and they’d probably get more “bang” for their buck. Just hire the Monica Lewinsky’s of the world and pay them for what they are. Then we don’t have to pay all this hush money. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be cheaper for the taxpayer and some poor slut somewhere would get a good paying job. For those employees who choose to advance to higher grades within their chosen field, they’d have to go serve the likes of Chucky Shumer and/or Nazi Pelousy.


  3. What flames me is that these politico jerk wads think the rest of us are so stupid we don’t notice their two faced BS!
    Come the 2nd Revolution, and it IS coming, I still want to be around to help line these shat stains up against a wall.


  4. Ronni – Paul Ryan exposed this, but he knew it well before the public did. They’re all corrupt.

    RG – Term limits would be a good start, but it’ll never happen until we make it happen.

    Cathy – To start… then boiling oil.

    William – I believe another civil war is coming. France boiled over for less than we’re experiencing.


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