Putting The “Asia” Back In Asia Carrera

China is cracking down on pr0n, and they’re offering big money for people to snitch on their countrymen. I guarantee most of the snitches will be women. Guys don’t rat out guys for looking at pr0n; it’s in the Man Code.

The Chinese government is offering big payouts to people who snitch on porno. As of this month, the country’s heavy-hitting anti-porn task force is offering up the US equivalent of $86,000 — almost exactly the average annual salary there — to anyone who reports on NSFW content.

Chinese authorities have been using this tattletale tactic successfully — offering cash to ensure a cleaner internet — since 2009. But this latest price hike is serious, effectively doubling the reward to vigilantes, according to Tech in Asia.

$86,000 for snitching? Well guys, have fun entertaining yourselves, because I’m moving to China!

6 thoughts on “Putting The “Asia” Back In Asia Carrera

  1. Hey Wyatt, thanks for reminding me that I haven’t logged on to Asia Carrera’s website in a while. Is it still up? She was a real hottie back in the 90’s and 00’s.


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